Corralejo Reposado 32. Corrallejo Anejo 34. Arette Blanco 28. Arette Anejo 32. Bruxo Joven Espadin Joven 32.

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Det finns inga The agave of Arette has a high content of fiber and low content of water, something that adds cirtric and herbal aromas. It takes 8 to 10 years for the agaves to reach the perfect level of maturity. During that time they absorbe the volcanic minerals that are stored during centuries in this lands. Tequila Arette Reposado - Ett Tequila & Mezcal från Mexiko. Hitta rätt dryck för rätt tillfälle hos Vinguiden! A 100% agave reposado tequila aged for 4-6 months in 190 litre casks previously used to age whiskey at the Early Times Distillery in Kentucky and the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Tennessee.


4 to 6 months in barrels of white oak. Made with 100% Blue Agave from the region and benefited by the pristine waters of the Tequila mountain, Tequila Arette rises as one of the best premium Tequilas in Mexico. Arette Tequila is a low cost, quality tequila brand. You won't find better blancos for the price.

Arette reposado

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Arette reposado

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Suave Reposado is aged 10 months, Suave Anejo is aged 2 years, and the Arette Gran Clase XA single barrel is aged for 4 years. Being a 'Lou's Top Tequila' please see Tequila Arette's logo on the side of this page, click and visit Tequila Arette's website. ARETTE REPOSADO 3.10 / 6.20 Aged for 6 months, earthy agave notes with a light pepper linger. 1800 REPOSADO 3.50 / 7.00 Light dry apricot and date flavour, really good in classic cocktails like an old fashion or just neat. TAPATIO REPOSADO 3.75 / 7.50 Aged for 8 months, hints of spiced caramel, wood & earthy vegetables.
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Woodford Reserve. Olmeca Altos, Tequila Ocho, Azteca Azul, Arette, Siembra Azul och Calle 23. Du kan också använda reposado tequila i en Bloody Maria, men det blir lite  ARETTE TEQUILA BLANCO 23/CL. En mycket elegant och smakrik tequi- la. Lagrad 6 månader.

Arette Reposado .
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Tequila Arette Reposado av Tequila Arette är ett tequila och mezcal på flaska från Jalisco i Mexiko.

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